Monday, September 21, 2009

The Big E

THE BIG E , originally the Eastern States Exposition, was our destination today. The antique tractor starts the pictures off because it relates to the fair's original purpose and because it has four wheels and is brightly colored, just like Mr. Toad.

Is this a cow?

We hadn't been there for somewhere between 5 and 10 years. It hasn't changed much, a bit more tacky perhaps. The Maine Building still has baked potatoes; Rhode Island, clam cakes; Vermont, maple sugar; and Connecticut, nothing.

Not sure what/who this is.

Aurora, this picture's for you.

That's a lobster on his head.

The Sam Adams beer garden.

Octoberfest on the left and Summer Ale on the right.

The Big E's Calliope. It actually works.

Amid all the food booths, there are still some agriculture-related events. We dropped by the horse pull for a while. We think the announcer said that the winning team pulled 13,500 pounds 10 feet and a few inches.

And I always love walking through the cattle barns. The first are dairy and the second beef.

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