Monday, November 30, 2009

Estero Lagoon and Lover's Key State Park

First stop Sunday was at Estero Lagoon on Ft. Myers Beach. We just missed seeing this Peregrine Falcon catch a seagull, but we did watch him eat it.

Next stop was Lover's Key State Park, just south of Ft. Myers Beach. We went on a 2.6 mile nature hike,

after which we were hot and thirsty, so we stopped at the Smokin' Oyster Brewery for a beer and a grouper sandwich.

Back at M&J's, I got a picture of the condo complex's resident iguana.

A rest day

Not much to report for Saturday. Jack and I did a few household chores, and CL and Marge did a bit of shopping. And we went out and had a wonderful dinner.

Six Mile Cypress Slough

On Friday, we visited Six Mile Cypress Slough (pronounced slew); it included a well-decorated parking lot and a 1.2 mile boardwalk nature trail over a part of the slough.

Resurrection ferns on a tree trunk.

Cypress trees.

An Anhinga drying his wings.

Lunch afterward, with M&J, at Parrot Key,

hence the parrots.

And a few pelicans waiting outside the restaurant.

In the afternoon we visited friend Dick in Naples. We were amazed by the ostentatious displays of new money tackiness in the recent housing construction there.


Thanksgiving on the beach is a Marge and Jack tradition. We started out with shrimp and champagne. Next was an Indian chicken dish, potato salad and broccoli salad with Beaujolais Nouveau. Dessert was back home later.

Multiple birds flew overhead, but none dampened the celebration.

After dinner, I walked around and shot a few pictures.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thomas Edison & Henry Ford Estates

On Wednesday we visited the Thomas Edison & Henry Ford winter estates. They're side by side on the Caloosahatchee River. It was raining, so there are minimal outside pictures.

Not part of the museum.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ding Darling

On Tuesday we got up bright and early to visit Ding Darling Nature Preserve on Sanibel. The following are some of the birds we saw; this time of year there aren't as many varieties as there are during migration, but we still had a good day. Maybe soon I'll identify them.

We saw this guy on Captiva, outside the restaurant where we had lunch. He's a Royal Tern.

The lighthouse is at the southern end of Sanibel.

And CL is in the pool at M&J's condo at the end of the day.

November in FL certainly is rough.