Sunday, October 4, 2009

Delivery Van

In August, CL started refinishing an antique mahogany dining table that had been Jim's parents' table. She stripped the old finish, and then we both sanded it. Next step was stain:
And, after applying 5 coats (each hand rubbed) of spar varnish, she applied several coats of wax:

Now it was time for Mr. Toad to get involved. We delivered the table to Jeremy and Amanda in Cambridge on Friday. All the table's pieces plus a cooler, camera bag and duffle easily fit in.

We assembled and fully expanded the table to verify we hadn't forgotten anything. Full size, with all leaves, is about 3.5 by 8 feet.

Then J & A discovered that the rug they'd purchased to fit under it was too small, so Mr. Toad returned the first one to the store and carried the new one (8' x 10') back.

And here's the final result:

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