Monday, November 8, 2010


We covered about 650 miles today - from Kearney, NE to Harvey, IL. We're a few miles from the Indiana line and positioned to get to Pittsburgh tomorrow afternoon.

As we started out this mornling, we stopped briefly at a grain elevator in, we think, Shelton.
It's so full of corn, that they're putting it in piles under plastic wrap.
And there are many other piles, too, some open to the elements.
This reminded us of King Corn, a video everyone should watch.

Eventually we got to Iowa, and this picture is probably identical to last year's.
In Iowa, I again enjoyed watching the windmills. Is this an AT&T ad?
Mr. Toad and I were both glad that his tires aren't this big.
Also in Iowa was the (self-proclaimed) World's Largest Truckstop.

Next state: Illinois. With Daylight Saving Time gone it got dark before we took any pictures.

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