Friday, August 31, 2012

Western Connecticut Wineries

We visited three wineries on the Connecticut Wine Trail this afternoon, all three in the Litchfield Hills near Torrington.  They were Haight-Brown Vineyard, Sunset Meadow Vineyards, and Miranda Vineyard.

I suppose it doesn't say a lot for the wineries, when the highlight of the day was this scene from the parking lot of Sunset Meadow.

Actually two-thirds of the wineries were very good.  While Haight-Brown's wines are drinkable, they're no better than good, they're fairly expensive, a lot of the grapes come from California, and the tasting was handled mechanically.  This was our first visit to the other two, and we'll likely go back.  They were both interesting, and both had very good wines.  And Sunset Meadow had an amazing Merlot Slushie!

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