Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Newton Grove, NC to Anderson SC

As we left Benson (Meadow, actually, but that's too small to exist on anyone's map, even Garmin's), we noticed that land that had previously been tobacco is now cotton. A definite improvement.

We had to stop at the SC border for a couple photo ops for Mr. Toad:

I had previously tried South Caroline BBQ but over time had forgotten how bad it actually is. They start with good pork and then turn it goose shit green with a mustard sauce. Disgusting.

Finally our next destination -- my cousin Claire and her husband Bob. They live on the edge of Lake Hartwell.
It has for the past few years been very low due to the prolonged drought in the southeast, but the recent rains have brought it back to full pool, and it is very beautiful.

Bob and Claire took us to their favorite restaurant, whose name was almost spelled correctly.

Our visit to Anderson was very enjoyable. The location is beautiful, and Bob and Claire are perfect hosts.

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