Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Road Trip, part 1

Sorry about the delay in posting. We've been in environments with little or no internet connectivity until yesterday when I discovered that my gmail account had been hacked and used to send junk mail to all, or at least a lot of, my address book, and I was more involved with that than this. Probably anybody reading this is already aware of my spam problems.

On the 13th we started on a trip to Ft. Myers, FL for Thanksgiving. The start of the trip was wet, the same as it was when we headed west in August.

The first stop was Bumpass, VA to visit (brother) John & Bev. We hung out with them for most of the next week. The first event was Saturday evening when we went to a Robin and Linda Williams and their Fine Group concert at the Louisa Arts Center (no photos allowed). It was a fine concert. Pictures are of Anna (the labradoodle) and Lake Anna (the namesake).

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