Monday, May 10, 2010

Home Improvement

One of the reasons we didn't travel much this winter was that we were working on the house, specifically the room that used to be Jesse's. I forgot to get before pictures, so they start in the middle of wallpaper removal and paint stripping and after the old, blue wall-to-wall carpet was removed.

At this point, the walls are all patched, the woodwork is sanded, and the floors covered with plastic; we're now ready for primer.

A couple views with the ceilings painted and primer on the walls.

Paint on the walls and woodwork and floor refinishing in progress. Up to this point it was a rush, since we had scheduled the floor work at a time we thought was far in the future but really wasn't. You can't see it, but the room was rewired, too.

Refinished floors and painted walls and woodwork.

And, finally, carpet on the stairs and hall and new light fixtures.

The completed office, nee Jesse's room.

Above the desk is my new cork board made from a tag sale picture frame and about 275 corks from wine we've enjoyed over the past few years.


  1. Looks great. Just wondering why you didn't do all this 30 years ago so your children could have reaped the benefits.

  2. Because our money went to food for our children.