Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Jo was here for the weekend, so we all went to Cambridge on Sunday to visit Maggie. First stop: where else? Berryline for some frozen yogurt for everyone.

Then it was on to a playground that CL and I hadn't visited before. It's probably impossible to read the text on this marker, but the playground was appropriate for the weekend. The marker states that the "totlot" was dedicated to the memory of a soldier from Cambridge who died in Germany during WW2.

Maggie tried a full range of equipment, from the swings
to a little car, both as a ride-on
and a push toy,
to a slide (with CL),
and, finally, to a crawl through tunnel with Jeremy.

Afterward we went back to J&A's house and just hung out for a while

until everyone surprised me with a slightly early birthday cake.

And, of course, another Cambridge flower picture, this one from a traffic island.

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