Monday, June 11, 2012

Cherry Bounce

I suppose that this should be in Corduroy Orange, since it's about food.   Cherries were in our CSA box last week, so I made a small batch of cherry bounce this morning.  It's whiskey, sugar, and cherries.  The recipe is from my Aunt Vera, who gave it to us at least 30 years ago; we haven't made any for years.  CL kept the recipe in the family cookbook, and here it is (by the way, the pictured quart was one-half the recipe):

Iva’s sister Vera Trigger used to make this every year and share a jar with many of her friends and relatives as Christmas gifts.  We even bought little cordial glasses and a decanter for serving it.  We always put a cherry in the bottom of each glass and provided toothpicks to spear the cherry after drinking the bounce.  Cherries that have marinated in whiskey for 6 months or longer are very tasty!

(This recipe is copied from the original from Vera and is in her own words).

1 quart sour cherries, wash but do not pit
1 pound white sugar
1/5 blended whiskey.  I use Seagram’s Seven.

Stir to dissolve sugar.  Cover but do not seal.  Keep at room temperature.  Should be ready to use in about 6 months.  I usually make it in July when cherries are in season, and start using it around Christmas.

If I remember correctly, she mixed the whiskey and sugar and poured over the cherries that she had put in the bottom of a quart jar.  Should anyone venture to try making it, it will keep for quite a long time.  The cherries just get more and more tasty as time passes!

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