Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day with the Luschers

Rob and Diana were here for Saturday night and Sunday.  We took them down to the Connecticut shore for wine tasting and lunch.  Just over a year ago, CL and I made this same trip alone; click here to see pictures of it.

First stop was our long-time favorite, Stonington Vineyards,

where Rob and I posed in the vineyard with our Hawaiian shirts.

Next stop was Skipper's Dock for lunch.  First the view from the dock,

our table,

and one of the daily specials, hot lobster sandwich with melted gruyere and butter.  Outstanding, even if it probably had a month's worth of cholesterol.

Next stop:  Saltwater Farm Vineyard, also in Stonington.  Here's a wine rack by the entrance.  We thought that the wines were drinkable but significantly overpriced.

The view from the deck at Saltwater Farm.

Last stop:  Maugle Sierra Vineyards.  Nice place; good wine.  Since it was Father's Day, they had a small band,

whose music Rob and Diana danced to.

We had a great weekend and hope they manage to make the big Eastern trip often.

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