Thursday, June 20, 2013

Natural Bridge, VA

The last of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Next planned stop was Lexington, VA, but I was getting into the theme of going to tourist traps, so we stopped at Natural Bridge.  We passed on the Wax Museum and should have skipped the butterfly exhibit.  But the bridge itself was truly impressive.

Most people turn around at the bridge, but we continued for a mile or so on their nature trail.

At one point I looked down at Cedar Creek and saw an area of clean, small stones, in contrast to the layer of silt over the rest of the creek bottom.  Upon closer inspection, we noticed several fish in the area.

Then we noticed that the largest of them kept swimming away and returning with a new pebble to add to the collection.  I'm assuming that this is a nest.  If anyone can identify the variety of fish, please let me know.

End of the May 28 leg of the trip:  Carolyn Jean's country house, Whip-poor-will farm.

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