Tuesday, June 18, 2013

See Rock City

When I saw this barn while we driving south in Kentucky toward Nashville, it reminded me of Kate Campbell's song of the same name, and I decied I had to go there.

Of course that was a dumb decision; Rock City is nothing but a huge (expensive) tourist trap.  It does have lots of little passageways through big rocks,

a nice waterfall at the summit (I don't know where the water comes from),

and, if you don't like heights, a rather scary overlook (well, it is Lookout Mountain).

This pointer shows the seven states that supposedly can be seen from the mountain.

These are two parts of a panorama shot from that point on the overlook.  According to Wikipedia,  only four can actually be seen (TN, NC, GA, and AL).

The trail on the mountain ends with a cavern filled with gnomes and figures from nursery rhymes illuminated with UV light.  It was just too tacky to reproduce here.

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