Wednesday, July 25, 2018

2018 Road Trip - White Plains Reunion

USS White Plains  AFS-4

The justification for the road trip was the WP reunion - commissioning was 50 years ago (almost; it was in November).  Very few attendees that I knew, or even recognized.

One of the optional reunion tours was the USS Midway, now a museum in San Diego harbor.

This is an example of the helicopters (2) that were on the WP.

Statue next to the Midway

Second half of the Midway tour was a cruise of Sand Diego harbor.

Bridge to Coronado

USS Kansas City, LCS-22, I think

and USS Charleston, LCS-18

One of the Navy's trimarans - didn't get hull number

USS Zumwalt, DDG-1000

The second optional tour was advertised as going to Point Loma, where there's a Navy cometary, for a memorial service.  Somehow is was changed to Mt. Soledad, with a very brief memorial service.

The remainder of the time for the tour was spent at the location of the Navy's boot camp, which was closed in 1993.  The area is now Liberty Station, a mixed-use community being developed by San Diego.  Since I was assigned to the Great Lakes Training Center, this didn't mean a lot to me.

Copying Boston

And the last part of the tour was a late lunch at a seafood restaurant on the harbor.

Back at the hotel, time for team pictures.  There are too many here; eventually I should determine which shows the most and the best faces.

First, all the crew members, from any year.

Next, the Plank Owners (those that were part of the commissioning crew)

This is John Bower.  He was late for the group picture.  I told him I'd Photoshop him into one of the pictures.  I'll do it soon.

And, finally, the spouses

This one is for Jo.

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