Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Big E

Since we had been given free passes to The Big E for donating a pint of blood each back in August, we felt that we ought to use them. Food options that we didn't take advantage of are in the previous post. We did each get a baked potato at the Maine Building; a Long Trail beer each at the Vermont Building; and we split an order of clam cakes and I had a bowl of seafood stew at the Rhode Island Building.

This post just includes images of a few things we saw along the way.

First, this is just a small piece of a sculpture that supposedly used 600 lbs of butter.

A pair of alpacas.

Quilts on display (very poorly, according to CL).

A very tall guy, or she's shrinking faster than ever.

Me & a cow mural.

Since this is supposedly Mr. Toad's blog, it should have a car now and then.

Missing from last month's museum show?

And this one's for you, Rob.

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