Friday, September 10, 2010

Red Sox and Maggie

CL and I went to the Red Sox game Wednesday night. Good game. They beat Tampa Bay 11-5. Wakefield got the win, and there were five Sox homeruns: Scutaro (2), Papi, Beltre, and Martinez.

Here's a panorama of the view from just a bit below our seats (click on it for a larger version),
and one looking back and down, from just a bit above our seats.

We moved down front for the last inning and a half.

Balfour (Ball Four) didn't live up to his name here; these are four strikes.

The final score on the Green Monster.

The crowd on Lansdowne St. post-game.

We stayed with Jeremy and Amanda after the game, and hung around long enough in the morning to play with Maggie for a while.

Then we left her with her Grandma Marion and came home.

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