Monday, October 18, 2010

On to Tucumcari

Along I40 in Oklahoma, we were surprised to see so many windmills.
Same windmills; view from within the car.

We stopped in Elk City to visit the National Route 66 Museum. It was actually very interesting,
with cars of the era,
quilts, and all kinds of other household items.
(This one is for you, Greg.)

Eventually we got to Texas.

In Shamrock we noticed this old Conoco gas station that's been converted to the Chamber of Commerce office and a gift shop.

Along the way, we enjoyed reading the signs
(the fine print on this one was that you had to eat it all in one hour to get it free)
and not so much watching the cotton fields go by.

Eventually (again) we entered New Mexico and the Mountain Time Zone,
and we stopped for the night in Tucumcari. The place is depressed and depressing. About the only positive is the murals painted on buildings all over town.

The internet had led me to believe (I'm fairly gullible) that Tucumcari had an impressive display of old neon signs along old Route 66. Not quite, but the sign at the restaurant we had dinner at wasn't bad.
Neither was the food. Here's my pork with red chiles enchilada topped with a fried egg.

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