Thursday, October 21, 2010

Taos to Santa Fe

When we got up this morning, it was raining and 45 degrees. When we got to the car, we realized that in the mountains it was below 32, and that the white stuff was snow. In order to get this shot, I drove a couple miles north to the edge of the Taos tribal land. After two exposures, a Taos Tribal policeman in a white suv pulled up with his lights flashing. It turns out that the mountain is tribal land, and I didn't have a permit to photograph it.
After a brief conversation I was given the option of deleting my images or going to the Tribal Governor's Office to purchase a permit. CL shot this through the wet windshield while I was following him. It's good he didn't look in his rear view mirror, or we would have had to purchase two permits. The cost was $6. I can't imagine it was worth a half hour of his time to collect that small a fee.

South of Taos we drove along the Rio Grande for a while.

And we tasted wines at two New Mexico wineries. We were impressed with the quality of both.

In Santa Fe, we had a little time to shop at the Plaza, where there is a long row of Native Americans selling mostly jewelry and other crafts.

At the Plaza, we met Chris, a childhood friend of CL's that she hadn't seen in 45 years.

Then CL & I had dinner at the Pink Adobe. She had a Blue Corn-Chile Releno and I had Blackened Catfish with shrimp and grits.

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