Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We're in San Diego

On Tuesday we drove from Temucula to San Diego via Laguna Beach. That allowed us to drive on the Ortega Highway, a very fun steep and twisty mountain crossing. We stopped on the way up, just slightly above the clouds ...

and were doing great until we hit a half-hour delay for highway construction.

In Laguna Beach, a coastal town with a beautiful beach and
houses perched on the sides of the hills
we met T (Tom) and his wife Devon for lunch. This was another wonderful meal of the kind that has made this trip so much fun.

Then in San Diego we had dinner with Bill and Peggy, Carl and Barbara, and Al and Molly, all here for the wedding.

Then, later, everyone from the East plus Ben, Robin, and her parents gathered together in Al & Molly's apartment.

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