Thursday, March 1, 2012

Angstrom's Activity Book

When Jeremy was two and Jesse was a baby, I decided to make an activity book using a Vogue pattern.  I finished 6 of the pages before life got too busy and I never finished it.  After Angstrom was born, Jesse told me that Aurora's mother had made the same activity book and requested me to make one for Angstrom.  I actually found the box with all the pattern pieces, directions, and fabric!  I worked on it daily for at least 2 weeks and finished it up in time to take to Pittsburgh last week.  I definitely realized why the original book never got finished!  

The fish attach with hooks and eyes.
If you unsnap his shell
you will reveal his heart inside.
Unzip the alligator's mouth
to find his tongue.
Practice tying bows on the giraffe's neck.
Unbuckle the kangaroo's pouch
to find the little joey hidden inside.
Lace up the bear's glove.
Unfasten the elephant's skates that are held together with velcro.
Perfect your braiding skills on the lion's tail.
Unbutton the hippo's mouth
to find his tongue.

My next project is to complete the last 4 pages of the original book so Maggie will have a complete one.  Then I can wait a few months before starting one for Adeline.

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