Monday, March 19, 2012

Springtime in Cambridge

Last Saturday we visited Jeremy, Amanda, Maggie, and Adeline.  

There are crocuses there, too.  And Mr. Toad finally got his picture in the blog

One of the official reasons for the visit was to deliver a couple princess dresses to Maggie for a party she was going to on Sunday.  The plan was for her to pick her favorite.  She liked them both.  So now she has two princess dresses.

Of course, Adeline was there, too.

But she was more interested in her socks than Maggie's dresses.

No trip to Cambridge is complete without a trip to the playground.  I seem to have opted for quantity rather than quality, but I'm sure all true Maggie fans will forgive me.

And then we played with trains before going out for dinner.

The dinner itself was our second official reason for the visit:  Jeremy and CL's birthdays.  No dinner pics, but I did get CL and Jeremy (with a little help) blowing out the candles on their red velvet birthday cupcakes.

Maggie liked the cupcakes,
 but she loved the frosting.

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