Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Genealogy Stuff

Gravestones from the Paris, KY Cemetery:

James Taylor Sharrard (my GG Uncle) and his wife, Emma

William A. Sharrard (my GG Grandfather) and his wife Elizabeth

and their daughter, Kate

Yours truly

Mr. Toad in the gate to the Paris cemetery:

In the Grove Hill Cemetery in Shelbyville, KY

I have no idea who this is, but living with this name for 26 years must have been quite a feat.

George Sharrard (my 2nd cousin, twice removed) and his wife Mary

On Main St., Paris, we ran across the Sharrard House.

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  1. Hi there-- I am buying the house next to this one. It's a folk victorian, maybe built around 1900? I came to the name of J T Sharrard in researching the deeds at the courthouse. Do you know anything about my house or when it was built? It's 1216 Main st. According to the deeds, James gifted it to Emma at some point, and the Sharrards owned the lots back to 1877 at least.
    Thanks--Love your entries--very nice!