Friday, May 24, 2013

Lane Motor Museum

On Thursday we went to the Lane Motor Museum.  It's a fantastic museum, with a very reasonable admission price.

First stop, of course, was a 1962 Mini, similar to my first one.

Next a 1967 Mini Traveller, the forerunner of the current Clubman.

CL with a 1956 Heinkel Kabine.

1932 Martin Martinette

1958 BMW Isetta (300)

1936 Harris Aerodynamic Steam Car

1951 Crosley Super Sport

1935 Adler Trumpf Junior

1951 Hoffmann

1946 Henson Rocket (polished aluminum body)

1958 Fiat 600; Western Massachusetts residents may appreciate the dashboard sticker

1958 Opperman Unicar

1929 BMW Ihle 600

1952 Citroen Cogolin (2 Citroen 2CV front ends fastened together)

These are just a small percentage of the total collection.

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