Monday, April 2, 2012

Bateaux Mouches and More Walking

But first, for Mr. Toad, I finally found a Citroen 2CV to stand next to, and a bonus -- it's the same color as the Bumblebee (Mr. Toad's predecessor).

Another French icon, Charles DeGaul.

We rode on a Bateau Mouche this morning.  The first shot is the one we were on before it was loaded,

and this is another we met while on our cruise.

The boats go on the Seine.  One end of the loop is at Isle St. Louis and the other at the Statue of Liberty (smaller reproduction of the one they sent us).

At the boat ride, we walked through part of Champs Elysee

and Place de la Concorde

before riding on the Metro to Montmartre

to see Sacre Coeur (no photography allowed inside).

And after another Metro ride we had dinner at a restaurant near our apartment, where I again had my new favorite, confit de canard.

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  1. I know you were collecting photos of Metro entrances, but I think the Abesses one is particularly good considering the content of the advertising poster in the stairway...