Friday, April 6, 2012

Centre Pompidou

We visited the Pompidou Center today.  First a cafe we walked by on the way there.

The outside of the Center.  Access is via escalators in the exterior tubes.

A couple shots of the surrounding buildings; in the second, Sacre Coeur is visible.

Photography was allowed inside the museum.  I couldn't see attempting to copy artwork, as some were doing, but I tried to get a few shots with us in them.

The ground floor lobby.

The exterior of the back of the Center.  Aurora says green is something and blue is something and red is something else.

Back to street scenes.

Angstrom loves chocolate Mousse.

A couple mirror shots taken during dinner this evening.

And the Tour Montparnasse again, this time at night, taken from in front of our appartment.

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