Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Walk to the Eiffel Tower

But first, a picture in honor of Mr. Toad, who couldn't be with us this week.  Here's one of his cousins (the red one, not the yellow one).

J&A arrived in Paris this a.m. and went through the same jet lag recovery process that we did yesterday, except that they also had Angstrom with them.  We all decided that a day outside would be good, so we went to the Eiffel Tower.  We didn't go up it; there's a problem with the elevators, so the line was well over two hours long this afternoon.  Hopefully it will be significantly shorter early some morning this week.

This is the view from the sidewalk in front of the apartment we're renting. The building is the Montparnasse Tower.

A couple blocks away we passed a patisserie.

And a bit later a container for collecting glass for recycling.

Then a monument to Frech soldiers.

A store with fresh fruit.

Another monument.

And, finally, the tower, in far and close views, with and without people or buildings in the foreground.

At its foot was a small carousel for kids

and their parents.

Amid the gardens around the tower, we met J&A's friends Stacia and Sean for a picnic supper,

and Angstrom enjoyed the wine.

We took the Metro back.

Everyone else is sound asleep; good night.

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