Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paris Signs

Just a few signs we saw on our walks through Paris.

The offerings at a sorbet stand; biologique means organic, by the way.
 And the cheat sheet so anyone can order.

I did the math on this one.  These are Euros/liter.  In $/gal, regular is $8.55, and premium is $9.00.

Angstrom wants a Montblanc pen; he didn't get it.

If you look closely, you can see Jesse's and Aurora's reflections in the glass.

Pompier is fireman; I don't have a good translation for Sapeur,
 but it's clearly firemen behind the second door.

Grafitti near the Pompidou Center.

This was in Notre Dame; the translation is roughly:
                   Resurrection of the lord.
                   Today, lord God, by your only son's death, you opened the doors of eternity to us."

In contrast to that, Notre Dame also has coin operated medalion machines around the sanctuary.

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