Sunday, April 15, 2012

Paris Panoramas

Photoshop isn't installed on our MacBook, so I wasn't able to put my potential pans together until this week.

The first is obviously Notre Dame, taken on our first day in Paris; we walked by it but didn't go in, since we were planning on returning for Easter.

The second is the row of 28 kings of Judah and Israel, just above Notre Dame's main portals.  The originals were destroyed during the French Revolution.

The view from Sacre Coeur.

Just a very small part of the gardens of Versailles.

The Pompidou Center.

I've already included this once, but I like it.  It's within walking distance of the open air market we went to on Saturday.

And, finally, the courtyard of the Louvre (don't look too closely; it's not a perfect merge).

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