Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Un Repas Extraordinaire

On Thursday, J&A went out to dinner, and they were so impressed by the meal that they made reservations for us for Saturday and gave CL her dinner as her birthday present.  If you want to read about J & A's experience, go to CorduroyOrange.  What they and we each had was Macraw's menu decouverture, six courses, different for each of us, at the chef's whim.  While their twelve courses weren't identical to ours, there were enough similarities that his discussion of the meal is very relevant.  Jesse speaks French far better than I, and he is a chef, so he was able to learn a lot more about what he was eating than was I.  For example, on one course when I asked what it was, all I could get out of the waiter was "poisson" (fish).


Interior wall; "after work" is an English phrase that has worked its way into French.  It's meaning is obvious.

Salads - fennel and (we think) beet.

Fish - salmon and mackerel (both raw).

Fish (raw, unknown) and crab and avocado.

Beef - thinly sliced filet (we think) and (again a guess) coarsely ground tartar.

Lamb tenderloin, seared, and beef.


Desert - pina colada custard and pistachio; I was unable to determine the contents of the glasses.

It was a great dinner, probably one I wouldn't have ordered on my own, but I thank Jesse for pushing us, and I thank the chef at Macraw for preparing it.

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