Sunday, August 23, 2009

Custer State Park and Mt. Rushmore (South Dakota)

In nature, just as in high school, young males need to prove their superiority.

Excitement's over! Back to class!

We saw still more wildlife.

We decided to take a hike along one of the trails in the park. There were conflicting signs as to whether the path was 2.3 or 3 miles but the suggested time was 2-3 hours (of course, we read that after we returned). The hiking difficulty was listed as moderate. We decided to give it a try and finished in about 2 hours. Both of us realized that we were hiking at a higher elevation than we are used to at home. Below are some of the pictures Jim took as we hiked along.

After our hike, we drove along and observed this mountain goat along side of the road.
We drove to Mt. Rushmore along the Needles Highway. There were 4 single lane tunnels and absolutely beautiful vistas all the way north.

Jim made sure he found the perfect spot to get the right angle for his pictures.

The majesty and beauty of Mt. Rushmore!

A couple pictures from our trip back to the motel.

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  1. I notice that you avoided Valentine, NE, where we witnessed the snake migration proceeding across the highway. What I neglected to tell you was that we camped out the previous night about a mile back from this migration. My mother was freaked when we saw and slid through all of those snakes.