Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kearney, Nebraska - Day 2

On Friday, we visited The Great Platt River Road Archway, which is the claim to fame for Kearney. This archway stretches across Interstate 80 on the outskirts of town. It is a very impressive interactive museum documenting the westward expansion. Viewing this and driving across the plains has given us an appreciation of the hardships of the pioneers as they crossed the plains without benefit of rest stops, restaurants, cell phones, or wireless internet.

After the Archway, we stopped by Cabela's. It has hunting and outdoor stuff and is about the size of two or three Costcos. This is just a small percentage of all the Bambi's mothers (or are these fathers?) hanging on the walls:

Also near the Archway is the Nebraska Firefighters Museum & Education Center. It had just opened that morning, and we were some of the first visitors.
Greg, this picture is for you:

We dropped by one of Kearney two brew pubs for an IPA before heading back to the Luschers,
where Rob grilled us bison steaks from Straight Arrow.
The steaks were delicious.


  1. Thanks for the fire truck picture, Jim. Interesting to see the "Smeal" name on the door since that's the company that built the truck rather than the name of a department that could have donated the piece to the museum.
    By the way, those are potential Bambi dads on the wall at Cabela's. I understand that Bambi's Mom really got around.

  2. If the venison has antler's, he's a buck...