Saturday, August 29, 2009

Denver Day 2 (Pike's Peak and Garden of the Gods)

We had last visited Pike's Peak on our honeymoon in June of 1969, so it was a must see for this trip. Also, the original 1962 Mini climbed it then, so Mr. Toad wanted to have the same experience. It didn't disappoint; we were all (Jo came with us) thoroughly impressed with the scenery and the lack of oxygen.

After the trip down, we stopped in Manitou Springs for a quick lunch; can't remember all the choices, but Jim had buffalo pot roast, and it was delicious,as were the beers.

Ice cream cones for desert.

Along the road from Manitou Springs, we spotted the motel that we had stayed in 40 years ago!

Then we visited the Garden of the Gods, a Colorado Springs city park.

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  1. Manitou Springs was always one of my favorite places to visit when I was a kid, 1946-1954 (age 9-17). Every trip that we took passed through Manitou either coming or going.

    There used to be a cog railway there that went up to the top of a mountain. Some famous writer was buried at the top, but I do not recall her name. It will come to me.

    I see you snapped a picture of the kissing camels in the Garden of the Gods. We camped out at a chuck wagon dinner event in the Garden in 1946. I remember that we had issues with scorpions.