Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scottsbluff, NE to Denver, CO

We returned to western Nebraska on our way to Denver to visit the Scottsbluff area and enjoy the beauty of the area as well as appreciate the terrain that the pioneers had to cross on the Oregon Trail.

It was very windy on top of the bluff! We enjoyed the view while trying to keep from being blown away.

From the top, the huge trains were tiny (and this is with a telephoto lens).

At a petrol stop, we observed that Mr. Toad has quite an appetite for butterflies and grasshoppers.

After leaving Scottsbluff, we stopped by Prairie Vines Winery to check it out and compare it with the other Nebraska wines we had sampled.

Our next stop was at Table Mountain Winery in Wyoming, just over the border from Nebraska. This winery is a very well kept secret (no signs because they were stolen recently) and located on a dirt road well off the beaten path. We had a great time talking with the owner (a young man about 30) and his grandmother and tasting the wine. He has to grow grapes that will withstand winter temperatures of minus 30!

This was the best we could do for a welcome to Colorado sign!

We arrived in Denver and met Johanna for dinner. The food and the beers were excellent, but

when we got out we discovered this little greeting (or, more accurately, citation) from the Denver Parking Violations Bureau. Warning to anyone who visits Denver: the parking meters are in business until 10:00 p.m., and the expired meter fee is $25.

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