Sunday, August 23, 2009

North from Kearney to South Dakota

As we drove along the Oregon Trail (now I80) we passed Lake McConaughy and stopped to admire the beauty of the area.

We drove on to Chimney Rock, a landmark for the pioneers on the Oregon Trail. One sign we read said that they could see it from 40 miles out, a two day journey away! We couldn't see it from that far, but it is visible from a ways off and is very impressive.

Sage brush in the foreground with bales of hay and the mountains visible further away.

Next, Jim and Mr. Toad wanted to visit Carhenge, a re-creation of Stonehenge made from old cars, but CL was less than enthusiastic.

A typical view as you drive along the prairie.

Arriving in South Dakota:

We drove through Custer State Park close to sunset on the way to our motel for the night. We were hoping to see some of the animals that inhabit the park as we drove through.
And we did!

A beautiful close to a perfect day!

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  1. Custer State Park was always one of my favorite spots. I have not been there since 1983. Prior to '83, however, I had visited at least 10 times from 1947, when I was 10, until 1975, when I was 38. Looking at your pictures makes me long for another visit. Sometime.